The Diction and Lexicons of Utah


“Are you a member?”

If someone asks you if you are a member, they are not referring to membership in the YMCA or the Yacht club, they are referring to your membership in the LDS church. A phrase slightly ironic for the fact that membership used to be required for people to go into bars.


Fry Sauce: A commonly used condiment in Utah. It’s a mixture of ketchup, mayo, and some other flavors and spices.


Mountain: Sometimes pronounced “Mow-uhn,” or “mou’n,” you don’t say the t.  


“Oh my heck!” or “What the heck!”

A phrase employed by Mormons and non-Mormons alike. Variation: “Oh my hell!” Generally used by non-Mormons, if used at all, (I’m not sure who says these things but apparently, it’s a thing).


Salt Lake Real: Futbol Club of Utah


The D.I.-Stands for Deseret Industries, the main thrift store chain of Salt Lake, owned by the Mormon Church. An excellent place.


Show: describes multiple different “events.” A movie, play, concert (obviously) can all be referred to as a show.

Ex. “How was the show last night?”

“You mean Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, the movie? Good.”


The Church: Refers to the LDS church. Not the worldwide Christian church. You may be asked if you are a member of “The Church.”


The Trax: Salt Lake’s light rail system.

The U: Refers to the University of Utah

The Utes: name of the athletic teams at the U.

The Y: Refers to Brigham Young University. Some people say “The Y” because there is a Y on the hill above BYU.

SLCC: pronounced “Slick,” Salt Lake Community College

Utah Jazz: Basketball Team


Wasatch: Mountain range, pronounced “Wah-satch”


Nicknames for Salt Lake City:



The Crossroads of the West

Crunk Lake City (as named by Big Boi)

Salt Lake Shitty (if you don’t like the city)


Nicknames for Utah:

The Beehive State


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