I’m not a very good blogger. I think good bloggers talk about all the hot issues. They give you their take on Mitt Romney and the Republican National Convention. They talk about Chic-Fil-A and opine on whether it’s terrible or ridiculous or both. When a senator makes a statement about rape all the bloggers immediately fill their blogs with opinions and sentiments about how much of jack ass this person is or they applaud said person. Bloggers write about their kids and how wonderful they are or how much of a pain in the ass they are.


Bloggers talk about the liberal media. Give their advice on economic issues. They tell you what to think about Barrack Obama.


I am not a good blogger. I don’t really do any of these things. Sometimes I write about my life, but it always seems rather self-indulgent to do so. I have opinions on Mitt Romney, on Chic-Fil-A. I guess I could tell them to you. I could tell you why I don’t really care who becomes president or why Christians acted like idiots buying all those chicken sandwiches.


Bloggers try and get web traffic. You need to. It helps your writing platform. Apparently, if you want to be a writer you need a good blog, with lots of writing comments to you.


I’m not very good at getting traffic. People don’t really comment on the blog. I wouldn’t either.


Now, please read my blog so you can hear me complain more about blogging and appreciate the irony, deep and thick, like red meat or leather strung across the ocean.



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