The Twelve Days of Charming

The Twelve Days of Charming


In Which We Bring You Stories Relating to Christmas and/or Coffee and Shamelessly Self-promote Our Company and Goods.



Day 12

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me, the Charming Beard Holiday Basket Which Includes a Bag of Charming Beard Coffee, Uganda Coffee in a Weck Jar, and Amour Spreads’ Blackberry Jam, and also, a Partridge in a Pear Tree.



“Do you realize that Christmas is only twelve days away?” asked Justin.

“Shut up!” said Jamie, brushing her long black hair over the nape of her smooth and nearly translucent neck. “I haven’t got any of family Christmas presents!”

 She kept brushing. Jamie had always loved her black hair. It contrasted nicely against her extremely pale and lucid skin. For years she had been ashamed of how pale she was. Part albino, kids used to tease her. But now she saw it as a sign of beauty, like a Snow White sort of beauty. And the other kids in her high school were beginning to think about her like this as well.

“I know.” said Justin. “Me either.”

Justin was gazing intently at Jamie. Ever since they shared a chemistry class in the tenth grade at Fillmore High last year, Justin had wanted to be Jamie’s boyfriend. He felt extremely lucky to be sitting here, next to her, on her pink and white bed. He was going to propose that they go Christmas shopping this weekend. While they were Christmas shopping perhaps they would hold hands. Or go out to dinner afterwards.

“I don’t even know what to get for everyone,” said Jamie.

“I know. Well, maybe…you know, you and I could go to the mall this weekend. Do our Christmas shopping together,” Justin smiled desperately.

“Hmmm.” Said Jamie. “Yeah, that could be fun, it’s just…”


“Well, I just get tired of buying the same old trinkets for everyone. It’s all just crap made in China and everyone goes shopping at Wal-Mart and Barnes and Noble and nothing is ever original.”

Justin gulped inside. This was not sounding good.

“So you don’t want to go to the mall?”

“Not really.” Said Jamie, getting a sour look on her face.

All of a sudden, Justin leapt up in the air.

“Wait! I know the perfect Christmas gift.”


“My older brother’s friend runs a coffee roasting company and they have a holiday gift basket for sale!”

Jamie’s eyes brightened.

“It’s all local and they’re pairing it with a Blackberry Jam from a company called Amour Spreads.”

“That sounds too good to be true!” said Jamie.

“No! It isn’t.”

 “My parents love coffee! And they’re total snobs. But wait, is it good.”

“Good? It’s specialty, ethically traded, single origin coffee that’s not over roasted or burnt. In the future, they will have been called the “Best New Roaster of the Mountain West,” by the New York Times

“Well terrific.”

“I can call my brother’s friend now! How many should we get?”

“Let’s see, four maybe. This sounds so great I think all my family will want some.” 

“Ill go call.” Justin went outside.

After he made the order he went back in.

“You’re so great.” Said Jamie, gazing at Justin with a sparkle in her eye.

Justin went to go sit by her.

And then, she kissed him. 

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