Day 9: The Twelve Days of Charming

The Twelve Days of Charming


In Which We Bring You Stories Relating to Christmas and/or Coffee and Shamelessly Self-promote Our Company and Goods.


Day 10:


Do you like canning? Or embalming tiny octopuses in formaldehyde? Well then, have we got the gift for you.


Presenting: Drum roll please, bah da bah da—the ever so sleek and modern glassware from Weck Jars. (Never mind about the drum roll, it didn’t quite work). Weck Glass jars are a perfect way to store your goods with the same air tight technology aeroplanes use to keep passengers safe inside. AND, you can look at it, because it’s made of, well, glass.


They’re perfect for canning tomatoes or toes or keeping your Steel Cut oats nice and fresh. Also, coffee. They are excellent storage containers for keeping coffee fresh. Why? You might ask, my dear Watson. Well because of the whole airtight thing. It keeps the coffee just a tad bit fresher than a bag that’s been opened. Only one thing to be aware of though—it is a good idea to keep the glass Weck Jar in a cupboard or a pantry or in a somewhat dark place so you are not exposing the coffee to a ton of sunlight. Coffee originates from the Pacific Northwest and it is not used to sun the way people from California are. It’s back tends to get as red as a lobster.


So if you have the money and feel like being a good American consumer (and supporting small business) check our the Weck Jars on our website (they come with coffee). 


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