It Starts With a Dog

It Starts With a Dog And Then You’re Dead


I’ve got a dog now,

soon we’ll get a Subaru

go to dog parks and the zoo

move to the suburbs to join the white flock

start a family with two kids and a dog and a Subaru




a holy-trinity of ands with a two-car garage to match the two-story paper cut box house some company built employing Mexicans so they could save money on labor costs and they use cheap materials, they do, they use cheap workers too. Mexicans don’t mind though.


Or we’ll move to chic urban areas,

cause we’re progressive like that,

and reclaim old buildings with a liberal slant


Then we’ll be dead

In our suburban house with a play thing in the back

Or in our brick loft with some fancy wine on the rack


She’s fucking cute though, this dog,

Damn motherfucking cute. 

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One thought on “It Starts With a Dog

  1. Jenny says:

    As will be your children, who will capture your heart and make you do the unfathomable and unfashionable, like buy a mini van:)

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