Luke 9:62

Luke 9:62


he invited me to join

placed my eager hands upon the handle

such energy, yet I guided straight

lines so perfect computers would be jealous


from sunup to sundown I plowed

the sweat stinging

sweet lines of crystallized salt to lick

later when the air blew soft


I invited others to join me

called them from the joy inside

 of me


I left mother and father

let the dead bury their own


days folded into one another

time compressed




time stretched

days folded into one another


I wandered back to graves I left

pined for sisters I never knew


me, of

outside darkness the from them, called

me join to others, invited



was, but hard now

the stinging sweat

the brow unkempt

no longer did I sell in joy

to buy the field

from sunup to sundown

I couldn’t wait for it to end


my lines, crooked as the next

like drunken snakes upon the grass


my tired hands upon the handle

I slunk away

I looked back.







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