Utah! A Novel


Fleeing from ever present wildfires and the threat of the Yellowstone Supervolcano erupting, Lee, Becca, and their daughter Analise embark on a road-trip through the state of Utah to a wedding in Zion National Park. Set in the not-too-distant-future, Utah! is a novel about climate change and the intricacies of relationships—between family, partners, religious structures, nature, and the American West. Featuring a litany of intriguing Utah residents including ex and current Mormons, doomsday preppers, military vets, Presbyterian ministers, and Colombian housewives, these characters eventually find their paths crossing in violence, disaster, and friendship. Through desert islands, climbing gyms, beer bars, suburbia, mountains, coffee shops, long drives, and mass shootings, Utah! seeks to show the true diversity, beauty, and yes, sometimes peculiar, aspects of one of the most misunderstood states. It’s a novel about the smoldering darkness beneath the surface of our individual selves and society … and what happens when we refuse to acknowledge our past transgressions. Utah! is a slow burn of a novel that ends with an explosive finish.


“Levi Rogers takes on the odd and fascinating juxtapositions of the Beehive State in “Utah!” With humor and deep empathy for the pains of living day to day, he plumbs the question: Does humanity deserve to be saved? Rife with historical, cultural and geologic gems endemic to Utah, he engages readers in a quest that might lead us out of the snarled conditions of hate, greed and global ill health in which we find ourselves today.”

-Bernadette Murphy, author, “Harley and Me: Embracing Risk on the Road to a More Authentic Life” and proud transplant to Park City, Utah.

“Rogers’ plainspoken prose deftly depicts ordinary life interspersed with images of personal and societal doom.”

-Kirkus Reviews

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