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Ode to the Storehouses of Empire, the Demon god Mammon, Black Friday





The only things left


are the rubber balls rocking inside an open metal cage

the porcelain teapots had no chance, neither did the plastic t-shirts, eel

lectric lectronics


The crowd will carry us

voluminous and entrancing

brace your elbows

crack your knuckles

asphyxiation will only take the weak


Washing the blood off entrance doors

she wipes her underpaid brow

picks up a hand

 tries to find whose torso it belongs to, not bad considering

it looks like two tornadoes

went dancing, then one got liquored up

bickered with the Barbie doll aisle,

now Barbie has one leg and a

little girl cries, shhhhs, capitalism


When we get home we put up lights

make a pie, admire the fights we attended for our children.


Notice: This Friday will require one sacrifice

human, employee or non

you can always blame someone else

shut your eyes

 listen to the trance of the black box

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